Technology is the keystone in any successful Trucking business. We have embraced that fact and implement technologies that best serve our management needs, but more importantly our customers’ needs. We continue to focus on these end points and perform regular evaluations of any available technology that may improve our targeted goals.

Our technology embraces the best in function and value and is implemented on a sound infrastructure that is redundant and recoverable. A majority of our server environment is virtualized, has redundant fail-over capabilities and is backed up routinely to local and cloud resources. The objective is to eliminate any single points of failure and to provide capabilities for disaster recovery and business continuity.

The list below outlines most of the key elements related to our technology:

  • TMW Suite – primary tool for managing our dynamic carrier and brokerage businesses. This includes a complete suite of tools that allow the tracking and status of all orders, dispatches and invoices. All resources are identified and maintained on this system allowing accurate planning and use of these resources on available and incoming orders.
  • Microsoft based Active Directory and SQL infrastructure that provides a secure computing environment for all users
  • EDI – Implementations for tendering, status tracking and invoicing for many of our customers via TMW and the Kleinschmidt Value Added Network (VAN)
  • On Line POD access – external facing web portal allowing customer access to status and paperwork of all current and completed loads
  • TMW Imaging – used to record and manage all driver paperwork and customer invoices
  • Peoplenet/TotalMail including Fault Codes – provides realtime mapping of current fleet locations, messaging and reporting for the fleet. Fault Codes are automatically reported to our maintenance staff as an indicator of required service or failures.
  • Blu.2 Cab Systems – in-truck platform for driver communications, load assignments, automated arrival/departures, driver elogs, and mapping/routing.
  • GPS Tracking – provides satellite tracking and reporting for fleet at 15 minute intervals
  • Driver eLogs – electronic driver logs
  • ALK – truck navigational system with route mapping and route compliance features
  • ALK PCMiler 32 – standardized mileage computing software
  • Rapidlogs – used to import and automate driver paper logs
  • TMT Maintenance Suite – tracks parts inventory, workorders, and PO’s for all routine and unscheduled equipment maintenance activities
  • Great Plains Accounting with interface to TMW
  • Local Site Security including DVR’s, door and gate access readers
  • Citrix Xenserver – virtual server environment used to host a majority of our computational needs
  • Citrix XenApp – provides access to our computing environment for remote locations and satellite facilities
  • Corporate deployments for Spam filtering, Antivirus, and patch management as well as site firewall implementations allowing secure Email, web/internet, and computing environment
  • Guest and Work Wi-fi connectivity at all locations