Did You Know?

52% of people who responded to a recent poll believe that it is easier to do their taxes than to eat healthy.

Did You Know?

70% of all chronic disease is directly related to lifestyle choices.

We were surprised too. And, after thinking about it, we decided to create space on our website for information that will motivate, inform, and support employees, their families and friends who want to make healthy changes in their lifestyle.

Please check back often to find thoughtful tips and information that can have a huge impact on your health.

What is Wellness?

This page of our website is devoted to “wellness” but what exactly is that? A short YouTube video explains.

How much is too much?

Screen time is inevitable, especially during quarantine. Here are some guidelines for children of all ages.

How much do you know about summer safety?

Take the quiz to see how much you know about summer safety!

Live Well, Work Well Newsletter, June 2020

Find out how housecleaning can boost your well-being, refresh on safe grilling temps, and more!

Covid-19 and Telemedicine

Using telemedicine is an important way to access care during Covid-19.

Staying safe when outside.

There are lots of opportunities to stay active while outdoors. Here are a few tips for maintaining social distance while outside.

Are you running out of ideas for keeping your family engaged?

Check out these fun-for-the-whole-family summer activities.

Could a nurse navigator help you?

This short YouTube video illustrates how the connection between a nurse navigator and patient can impact the patient’s health in very positive ways.

What’s growing in your garden?

These veges are great for both experienced and new gardeners.

Making the most of your summer

This newsletter gives helpful tips for a summer in the shadow of Covid-19.

Quarantine Nutrition

Undoubtedly COVID-19 quarantining has changed your eating habits! Check here for tips on maintaining good nutrition while in quarantine.

Quitting Smoking, Sugar Substitutes and more…

This edition of the Live Well, Work Well Newsletter also contains information about feelings of loneliness  at work and a delicious tofu recipe!

PA Department of Health instructions.

Here are instructions for self-isolation if you are awaiting lab results from COVID-19 testing.

Get Your Sweat On!

Missing the gym? Want to begin a new fitness routine? Here’s a quick workout for you?

Stress Management and Mental Health

Read on for quick tips to help you develop perspective and a positive outlook. Both can help you better manage stress.

Reliable Sources for Information about the Coronavirus

ConnectCare3 Update

Our team has been closely monitoring and reviewing all available information on the COVID-19 virus. The best resources for up to date information include the Center for Disease Control, the National Institute of Health, and the World Health Organization.

Our team is still available to support you and your dependents on the health plan. Reach out to info@connectcare3.com to start working with our team.

Do you know how to recognize concussions?

Learn the signs of concussion and when to get help.

Laughter can help reduce workplace stress

The April 2020 Live Well, Work Well newsletter discusses reducing workplace stress and the benefits of increasing calcium intake.

How much do you know about oral health?

Take the Quiz!

Live Well, Work Well Newsletter March 2020

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be expensive. Five important sleep habits.

The typical visit to the dentist

Why it’s so important and what should take place during your visit to the dentist.

There is a connection between oral and general health.

Your general health and oral health are connected. Learn why good oral health is so important.

Chronic Disease Management and ConnectCare3

A team approach.

We all know that its best to stop smoking altogether.

Learn how regular physical activity can help mitigate the effects of smoking,

Test your tobacco knowledge.

Can you ace this quiz?

What does smoking do to your finances?

Need another reason to cut back or stop smoking altogether?