Did You Know?

52% of people who responded to a recent poll believe that it is easier to do their taxes than to eat healthy.

Did You Know?

70% of all chronic disease is directly related to lifestyle choices.

We were surprised too. And, after thinking about it, we decided to create space on our website for information that will motivate, inform, and support employees, their families and friends who want to make healthy changes in their lifestyle.

Please check back often to find thoughtful tips and information that can have a huge impact on your health.

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Cancer Screening Works

If you’ve taken a break from scheduled screenings during Covid, it’s time to resume. Here are some reasons why…

Preventive Care

Don’t put it off. Preventive care can impact your health in big ways.

Understanding Health Insurance

Yes, it is complicated but help is available.

March 2022 Connections Newsletter

It’s all about prevention!

January Live Well, Work Well Newsletter

Increase the odds of keeping your New Year’s resolutions.

Want to improve your stress management and mental well being?

Here are seven things you can try to improve your stress management.

Stress and Mental Wellbeing

They go hand-in-hand. Here are some ideas on making positive change without additional stress.

The Power of Positivity

Experts share their thoughts on positive thinking.

December ConnectCare3 Newsletter

The Power of Positivity

November Connections Newsletter

Healthy Aging Habits

You can be more productive and stay healthier by adopting a few new habits.

Metabolic Syndrome and Nutrition.

Metabolic Syndrome is serious but making changes to your nutrition can help manage it.

Resistance Training can reduce your risk of Metabolic Syndrome!

This quick read will get you started…

Are you at risk for Metabolic Syndrome?

Here’s the skinny on how you may be at risk.

What is Metabolic Syndrome?

Here’s what you can do to treat it….

Cancer: You can minimize your risk.

Clear and concise recommendations for minimizing your risk of developing cancer.

Can you spot the fad diet?

Take this fun quiz to find out!

Everything you need to know about fasting.

Safe fasting for medical, religious, and weight-loss.

August 2021 Live Well, Work Well Newsletter

Safe summer travel tips, the long-term effects of Covid, caffeine vs sleep and a vege recipe. Enjoy!

Cleanses, Detoxes, and More!

Read on for the history, definition, pros and cons of cleanses and detoxes.

The low carb, high fat Keto diet…

It originated as a treatment for seizure disorder. Is it safe? Does it work?

The lure and false promises of fad diets.

How to spot fake claims!

More than 1/2 of US adults are trying to lose weight!

But, do fad diets really work?

The Dirty Dozen Foods

And, why you should leave your shoes at the door!

Are you a caregiver?

Learn about resources for caregivers.

Live Well, Work Well Newsletter July 2021

Read about the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15 (the most and least tainted food for 2021)!

Knowing your palliative care team

Learn the roles and responsibilities of the various members of the palliative care team.

Navigating stress from a difficult diagnosis?

These techniques can help lessen stress and help you focus on quality of care.

Palliative Care

What type of care will you choose if you become seriously ill?

Live Well, Work Well Newsletter June 2021

This issue of the Live Well, Work Well newsletter focuses on Outdoor Exercise Safety.

Biggest Loser Fitness Challenge Results

Congratulations to all 51 people who participated in our first-ever Biggest Loser Contest! As a group, we lost a total of 269 pounds during the six-week competition. Keep up the great work everyone! S3Performance Training managed our competition and they announced the following winners:

Drivers: Biggest Loser overall is Sam ($400); Biggest Loser Runner Up is Mahmoud ($200); Participant Drawing Winner is Natasha ($100); Beat Management Winner is Wade ($250).

Admin: Biggest Loser Overall is Andrea ($400); Biggest Loser Runner Up is Melissa ($200); Participant Drawing Winner is Hollie ($100); Beat Management Winner is Marc ($250).

Thank you S3Performance! Thank you participants!

Looking for balance in your life?

Sleep, exercise, healthy eating, drinking enough water, work responsibilities… You CAN achieve balance!

Nutrition and Weight Loss

Watch this video to learn about the benefits of a balanced diet.

Healthy Eating Basics

Here’s a quick refresher to help you decide if you need to make changing in your diet.

The well-stocked kitchen

It’s not about the appliances!

Need help thinking about meals?

Find a simple meal plan here!

You can use your hand to estimate portion size!

No excuses now. This chart shows you how to use our hand to approximate various portion sizes!

Exercise for weight loss!

Here’s a sample exercise plan to get you started!

Your joints – how much do you know about them?

Test your knowledge and expand your understanding about the human body’s joints.

Can a nurse navigator help you?

ConnectCare3 Registered Nurses will help you navigate the health care system.

Cataracts? Infertility? Asthma?

These are just a few of the reasons why losing excess pounds leads to better health. Which will motivate you? Read on!

Live Well, Work Well Newsletter – May 2021

A delicious pasta primavera recipe! Articles include skin cancer, sun screens, fast food and heart health, and the importance of taking care of yourself and your mental health.

Protect your joints

There are lifestyle changes you can make now to help you manage joint pain and to protect your joints as you age.

What to expect after joint replacement surgery

How to make your recovery easier and what to expect when you return home.

Recovery after joint replacement surgery

Recovery after joint replacement surgery takes patience and dedicated exercise.

Learn about common joint replacement surgeries

More than 1 million people have a hip or knee replacement per year! Read on for information about these common surgeries.

Wondering if you need joint replacement surgery?

This short read provides guidance and answers common questions about joint replacement surgery.

Do you know what age most lifetime mental illnesses begin?

Take this mental health statistics quiz.

Which form of mental illness is most common?

Take this quick quiz to find out!

April is Alcohol Awareness Month

This edition of the Live Well Work Well Newsletter presents signs and symptoms of alcohol misuse.

Mental Health Providers

Who should you see?

Guided Imagery

Did you know that guided imagery can be useful in maintaining a healthy mental outlook?

Covid-19 and Mental Health

Weary and discouraged? You aren’t alone. Read on for suggestions for coping with Covid-19.

Live Well, Work Well – March 2021

This month’s newsletter focuses on dietary guidelines.

Welcome to ConnectCare3

Stay current on services offered through ConnectCare3.

Stretching can help you manage back pain,

Routinely stretching can help improve your range of motion, overall mobility and flexibility!

Workplace Ergonomics

Are you sitting in the right chair?

Back Pain Myth Buster!

How much do you know about back pain? Take this quiz to find out!

Back Pain?

Learn about the various causes of back pain and suggested interventions.

Preventive Health Care

This quick read provides an outline of preventive health screenings for men and women of all ages.

February 2021 Live Well Work Well Newsletter

This edition of the Live Well, Work Well newsletter discusses ways to boost your heart health and prevent burnout at work.

Is Telemedicine right for you?

Learn how telemedicine works and what types of visits may be appropriate for you.

Covid-19 Vaccine Coverage 2021

Be knowledgeable about health plan coverage for the Covid-19 vaccine.

ConnectCare3 Tip of the Week

Health Care Consumerism – How to use your health insurance to its full benefit.

December 2020 Connections Newsletter

Some chronic diseases cause obvious symptoms, but others do not. Click here to educate yourself about chronic diseases and learn suggested lifestyle changes to reduce your risk.

December 2020 Live Well, Work Well Newsletter

Tips for safer holiday celebrations and recipe make-over tips for healthier holiday baking.

Ear and Eye Safety

Stay safe from eye injuries and hearing loss.

Common Ear Problems

Click here for brief descriptions of common ear problems and a surprising link to problems with balance.

Common Eye Problems

Read on for brief descriptions of both age-related eye conditions and those present at birth plus a link to OnHealth’s website for more detailed information.

November 2020 Connections Newsletter

This edition of the newsletter presents tips for taking care of your vision and hearing.

Is it fact or fad?

Test your knowledge about nutrition with this fun and informative quiz.

One-size fits all does not apply to nutrition

Here are some basics for healthy eating.

Understanding food packaging

What do “low sugar,” “reduced fat,” and “excellent source of …” really mean?

The value of a balanced diet

Does having a balanced diet have to be complicated? Here’s a sample meal plan for one day.

Boost your well-being!

Bring your diet into balance by implementing some of the ideas presented in the October 2020 Connections Newsletter.

Do you know how exercise benefits the children in your life?

Learn about the physical, mental health, and cognitive benefits of exercise for children.

October 2020 Live Well, Work Well Newsletter

Are you or someone you know suffering from “pandemic fatigue?” This edition of the Live Well, Work Well Newsletter alerts you to some signs and describes ways you can prevent it.

Keep the children in your life well-nourished…to grow, learn, and develop.

Kids will learn to enjoy what’s available at home – fruit, veges, low-fat dairy, water and more. Read on for more info!

Supplemental care for kids

It takes a village…. Learn how school nurses, coaches, counselors and others are part of the village impacting your child’s health.

September 2020 Live Well, Work Well Newsletter

This edition of the Live Well, Work Well Newsletter explains how to establish healthy wellness habits for the children in your life.

Common myths about wellness.

Take this short quiz to learn the facts behind the most common wellness myths.

Make the most of your doctor appointments

ConnectCare3 can help you prepare for routine visits and appointments with specialists.

Who controls YOUR health?

Do you feel confident in your understanding of your health? Know how to navigate the healthcare system? This newsletter can help.

If you missed the webinar about Mental Wellbeing, you can watch it here!

This webinar is packed with thought-provoking information that you can use now!

Explore the relationship between stress and your mental well-being with this quick quiz.

There really is a connection. Learn more!

August 2020 Live Well, Work Well Newsletter

This month’s edition includes: how to sort fact from fiction about the Coronavirus, a recipe for a delicious mango berry rotini salad, and information about probiotics.

Strengthening Mind – Body – Spirit

Ideas and apps that you can use to cultivate and support your mental health.

The Mind – Body Connection

Take this quiz to learn more about the connection between a healthy mind and a healthy body.

Confused about choosing a mental health provider?

Which type of mental health provider meets your needs? Here are some helpful suggestions.

July 2020 Live Well, Work Well Newsletter

This edition includes tips for surviving summer’s heat and boosting your mental well-being. Also, a recipe for a tasty baked potato salad!

Using telemedicine for your visit with a health provider.

Learn about telemedicine and how to make the most out of your appointments.

What is Wellness?

This page of our website is devoted to “wellness” but what exactly is that? A short YouTube video explains.

How much screen time is too much screen time?

Screen time is inevitable, especially during quarantine. Here are some guidelines for children of all ages.

Free apps to boost your fitness level and mental well-being.

This issue of Connections Newsletter focuses on using technology to improve wellness.

How much do you know about summer safety?

Take the quiz to see how much you know about summer safety!

Is online grocery shopping an option for you?

Here are some ideas for exploring online grocery shopping.

June 2020 Live Well, Work Well Newsletter

Find out how housecleaning can boost your well-being, refresh on safe grilling temps, and more!

Covid-19 and Telemedicine

Using telemedicine is an important way to access care during Covid-19.

Staying safe when outside.

There are lots of opportunities to stay active while outdoors. Here are a few tips for maintaining social distance while outside.

Are you running out of ideas for keeping your family engaged?

Check out these fun-for-the-whole-family summer activities.

Could a nurse navigator help you?

This short YouTube video illustrates how the connection between a nurse navigator and patient can impact the patient’s health in very positive ways.

What’s growing in your garden?

These veges are great for both experienced and new gardeners.

Making the most of your summer

This newsletter gives helpful tips for a summer in the shadow of Covid-19.

Quarantine Nutrition

Undoubtedly COVID-19 quarantining has changed your eating habits! Check here for tips on maintaining good nutrition while in quarantine.

Quitting Smoking, Sugar Substitutes and more…

This edition of the Live Well, Work Well Newsletter also contains information about feelings of loneliness  at work and a delicious tofu recipe!

PA Department of Health instructions.

Here are instructions for self-isolation if you are awaiting lab results from COVID-19 testing.

Get Your Sweat On!

Missing the gym? Want to begin a new fitness routine? Here’s a quick workout for you?

Stress Management and Mental Health

Read on for quick tips to help you develop perspective and a positive outlook. Both can help you better manage stress.

Reliable Sources for Information about the Coronavirus

ConnectCare3 Update

Our team has been closely monitoring and reviewing all available information on the COVID-19 virus. The best resources for up to date information include the Center for Disease Control, the National Institute of Health, and the World Health Organization.

Our team is still available to support you and your dependents on the health plan. Reach out to info@connectcare3.com to start working with our team.

Do you know how to recognize concussions?

Learn the signs of concussion and when to get help.

Laughter can help reduce workplace stress

The April 2020 Live Well, Work Well newsletter discusses reducing workplace stress and the benefits of increasing calcium intake.

How much do you know about oral health?

Take the Quiz!

Live Well, Work Well Newsletter March 2020

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be expensive. Five important sleep habits.

The typical visit to the dentist

Why it’s so important and what should take place during your visit to the dentist.

There is a connection between oral and general health.

Your general health and oral health are connected. Learn why good oral health is so important.

Chronic Disease Management and ConnectCare3

A team approach.

We all know that its best to stop smoking altogether.

Learn how regular physical activity can help mitigate the effects of smoking,

Test your tobacco knowledge.

Can you ace this quiz?

What does smoking do to your finances?

Need another reason to cut back or stop smoking altogether?