Covid-19 Update


November 19, 2020

To: All Employees

From: Jeff Shellenberger, President, and Jordan Kolb, Executive Vice President

Re: Covid-19

Since our memo of November 3, we have learned that other employees at our State Street location have tested positive for Covid-19. Family members of many of those employees have also tested positive. Please join us in keeping our co-workers and their families affected by Covid-19 in your thoughts and prayers and wish them a speedy recovery.

Our first priority is keeping everyone safe and we are insisting that all personnel follow doctors’ orders and CDC guidelines before returning to work.  In addition, the following measures are in place to help prevent further spread of the virus:

  1. All employees will practice 6’ social distancing and will refrain from congregating.
  2. To comply with Pennsylvania’s November 17 mandate, all employees will wear a face mask that covers both nose and mouth at all times while they are indoors.
  3. Anyone experiencing Covid-19 symptoms must immediately notify her/his supervisor and will work from home if applicable.
  4. Group meetings and buffet-type meals will not be held.
  5. No one will be permitted to come to work if they have a fever.

The following cleaning protocols are in place:

  1. UV lights are being used to kill airborne viruses and bacteria.
  2. We have purchased and are using Protexus Electrostatic Foggers to sanitize trucks and our offices. These foggers disinfect with Hypochlorous Acid, the same chemical used in buses and airplanes.
  3. Our office space is sanitized weekly, including opening doors and windows to circulate outside air.
  4. Disinfecting wipes are located throughout our office space and can be used by anyone. Door knobs are being wiped down daily.

Thank you for your persistence and cooperation as we deal with the obstacles 2020 has presented.

Your commitment to providing top-notch service to our customers and care for one another is unprecedented and hasn’t gone unnoticed.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to either of us with any suggestions or questions.

Covid-19 Update


November 3, 2020

To: All Employees

From: Jordan Kolb, Executive Vice President

Re: Covid-19

We recently learned that an employee in our York terminal has tested positive for Covid-19. Several other employees are home awaiting results from Covid testing.

In light of this development, we are taking the following precautions:

  • Employees in affected departments will work from home. We will follow the public school model of remote work for several days as the area is sanitized, aired out, and we take time to learn if other employees develop symptoms.
  • Group meetings will not be held.
  • Buffet meals will not be held.
  • Wearing masks is mandatory any time an employee is away from her/his work station.
  • Congregating at work stations is not permitted.
  • All employees will practice social distancing.
  • No one will be permitted to come to work if they have a fever.

If you have any questions regarding your particular situation, please contact Dale Hippensteel or myself.

These measures are about being proactive and aggressive regarding employee safety. Everyone’s cooperation will be critical.

We have been very fortunate so far in this pandemic, and cannot let down our guard. Let’s continue to work together to protect each other and to continue to protect and serve our customers.

We will get through this.

Thanks to you all. Stay safe.

Staying Vigilant – a Covid-19 Update


September 22, 2020

To: All Employees

From: Jeff Shellenberger, President, and Jordan Kolb, Executive Vice President

Re: Covid-19

The Coronavirus has been part of our lives for eight months now. Fortunately, our company has experienced only a limited number of quarantine situations and only a couple of positive test results. On a team of some 400 drivers and support staff, that is a remarkably low number. We have been blessed. Clearly, the precautions that we have taken, joined with the care that we have for each other, have helped to keep us all safe. Thank you all!

There is much hope that a vaccine will soon be available. However, no one knows the timetable for a large-scale roll-out plan. In the meantime, and with the expected arrival of another fall/winter flu season, we must not let down our guard. From time-to-time, we all get a bit lax about social distancing and wearing masks. This is a gentle reminder to you that our customers and coworkers deserve our diligent care.

Please continue to maintain the safety protocols that we have posed around our facilities, whether you are a driver or a member of our support team. When you cannot social distance, be sure to wear a mask. Do not go onto a customer’s property without wearing a mask. In the office, when you are not sitting at your personal workspace, wear your mask and, of course, sanitize.

As other flu symptoms may come with the changing of the season, do not come to work if you are not feeling well or if you have a fever.  Instead, stay home and get a Coronavirus test so that you have some idea as to what you may be battling. Follow your physician’s instructions and the company protocols/CDC guidelines.

We have stayed safe and stayed open, serving our customers and communities in these days of risk and necessity. Let’s commit to each other that we will do all we can together to maintain a safe workplace for everyone’s sake.

With gratitude for each of you and the job you are doing,

Jeff Shellenberger

Jordan Kolb

Announcing Enhanced Driver Benefits and a Cookout to Celebrate!

Click here to learn about changes to our driver benefits package! revised-driver-benefits-july-1-2020

Moving from “Red” to “Yellow”


May 22, 2020

To: All Employees

From: Jeff Shellenberger, President and Jordan Kolb. Executive Vice-President

Re: Covid-19 Update

The battle with Coronavirus has progressed to some measure of relaxed regulations. Effective this date, many parts of Pennsylvania have moved from the Governor’s “Red Zones” to “Yellow Zones” in the reopening of the Commonwealth.

It is clear that our team of drivers and support staff has taken the recommended precautions seriously. We consider ourselves blessed that only one or two of our employees entered a self-quarantine; and no employee, that we are aware of, has reported testing positive for Covid-19. “Thank You” all for the great care you have taken in keeping yourselves and all of us protected and safe. Operating as a life-sustaining business through this time of personal risk was a courageous effort.

Please understand the risk is not disappearing! Even though some counties may now be in the “Yellow,” masks, social distancing, monitoring temperatures, and sanitizing will continue to be part of the way we, and our customers, do business. We are asking all employees to continue to follow the recommendations of the Governor’s Office and the CDC as our country moves toward reopening. Moving from “Red” to “Yellow” does not mean “All Clear!” We cannot risk causing a spike in recurrence of a potentially deadly disease by our personal choices. Please be aware that keeping yourself safe and protected is still a priority for you and all those around you.

We have stayed safe and stayed open, serving our customers and communities in these days of risk and necessity. Business is making a slow, but certain comeback. Let’s be healthy and ready for the rebound.

Live safely and “proceed with caution” into the days of the “Yellow Zone.”

With gratitude for each of you and the job you are doing,

Jeff Shellenberger

Jordan Kolb

Responding to Covid-19


May 1, 2020

To: All Employees

From: Jeff Shellenberger, President and Jordan Kolb. Executive Vice-President

Re: Covid-19 Update

As Coronavirus continues to change the way we live, “Thank You,” to all our employees who are still doing what needs to be done during these stressful days. We are proving to be a “life-sustaining” business that can be counted on by our customers and community.  A special “Thanks” to the truck drivers who take on added risks everyday as you go into areas we can only hope are clean and safe for you. We also appreciate the efforts of our many customers who are taking steps to keep their employees, and ours, as safe as possible.

The good news is we have a replenished supply of face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer! Stop by dispatch to pick up what you need to stay protected.

All around our industry the early demand for freight delivery when the virus hit has pulled back. However, our customers continue to offer us substantial business. We are accepting some freight that is outside our normal routine and delivery schedules. Your willingness to step out of your routines during this time is something that may be required, and will be appreciated, as we meet the varied needs of customers and keep our trucks rolling.  Management fully expects a turnaround with a return of higher freight volume as the economy slowly reopens. Everyone, “Hang in there!”

In the meantime, keep yourself safe, practice social distancing, and follow the CDC Guidelines, as well as, the Company protocols we have been posting.

With gratitude for each of you and the job you are doing,

Jeff Shellenberger

Jordan Kolb

Compliance with the State’s Mandated Use of Masks in the Workplace


April 15, 2020

To: All Employees

From: Jeff Shellenberger, President

Re: State Mandate Regarding Use of Masks in the Workplace

As you are probably aware, today the Governor’s Office and the PA Health Secretary issued a State mandate requiring masks to be worn in the workplace.

Our companies are doing our very best to procure a sufficient number of masks for every employee, and as you can imagine, that is a difficult task right now.

We have already placed an order for 2,000 masks and gallon of hand sanitizer, which have yet to arrive.

In the meantime, if you have your own supply of homemade or commercial masks – styled with folds on the front and dual ties – that you can wear, that will be a huge step in helping us meet the workplace requirement. If you do not have masks and cannot make your own, please contact your supervisor or fleet manager. We have a limited supply on hand. Directions for making your own masks can be found by following this link:

The mask order takes place immediately. Enforcement begins Sunday evening, April 19.

We will all get through this Coronavirus war together! Thanks for all you are doing.

Stay positive and wash your hands!


Additional Information for Drivers Regarding Coronavirus

March 27, 2020

To: Drivers      

From: Jeff Shellenberger and Jordan Kolb

Re: Coronavirus Information

Thank you again to all our drivers who are out there doing such a great job at a time of risk to yourselves. We know it cannot be business as usual for you, so we encourage you to take every precaution to stay safe and healthy. Remember that Lysol spray and other sanitizers will be available in dispatch as we can procure them. Our customers are truly grateful that we are continuing to keep essential freight moving and that is thanks to you all!  Here is some additional important info for you.

1. The Office Staff May Be Working Remotely

While Office Staff is working from home everyone is expected to keep up their efficiencies at normal levels. This is not the “Staff on break.” The temporary “work from home” protocol is to ensure that if the terminal would get shut down because of the virus our business will continue as usual. This step is to prevent any spread of the virus through the company, and will directly benefit drivers as work assignments and payroll will continue without interruption.

2. In the Event that a Driver Gets the Virus

This will be a little more unpredictable. If you have a fever do not report for work. If you are on the road and begin to feel ill, it will be up to you to decide if you are able to get to a safe location to park or make it back to the terminal. If you think you may have the virus you must go home and quarantine for the required 14 days. Do not return to work until after you have had a 72 hour period with no fever without the aid of medication.

Please alert the Shop if you think you have been exposed because your truck will also need to be quarantined and sanitized.

3. How Some of Our Customers Are Helping During this Time

  • Additional cleaning at nearly every facility
  • Implemented procedures that should prevent anyone with symptoms from entering
  • Also confirming that we are operational and being assured by your dedication to do the job

4. Restricted Areas At The Terminal

Please do not enter areas where you do not directly work. We are trying to observe “social distancing” which is the #1 preventive measure in this battle. Don’t be insulted, this is a necessary strategy. Even though the shops may have open doors, they are also restricted areas right now.

An open letter to all employees regarding the Coronavirus

March 20, 2020 

To our team members:

No one could have foreseen the changes to life that COVID-19 has brought to our world, nation, and local communities. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have been quarantined and with those medical professionals who are on the front line of treatment and defense.

In like manner, our niche in the trucking industry is now categorized as “life sustaining.” Many of our loads are critical to restocking depleted store shelves. A great responsibility is ours to keep our trucks rolling because our neighbors are depending on us to do our job.  Trucking company staffs and, truck drivers in particular, are now among the “heroes” as our country gets through these times of shortage and on to better days. Thank you all for being the best team we could have “for such a time as this.”

You need to know that we are taking every precaution we can to keep everyone safe. We have paid for extra cleaning and sanitizing around the facility and implemented a protocol for everyone’s protection. As we practice “social distancing” we ask that no one gets insulted; it’s an absolutely essential practice. We are providing Lysol spray and latex gloves to our drivers as we can get them.

Remember to follow the CDC Guidelines:

  • If you have a fever higher than 100.4, do not come to work. Sick employees should not return to work until their fever has stayed below 100.4 for at least 24 hours, without the aid of fever reducing medication
  • If you think you are at risk from exposure to someone who has been in a location where the virus has been suspected, please call your physician for instructions; don’t come to work.
  • Do what you always do to fight the flu.
  • Wash and sanitize hands often and properly
  • Cough/sneeze into your elbow or a tissue
  • Practice “social distancing”

Once again, “Thank You” to each member of our team. We must work together and support each other to meet two huge goals right now. First, be safe and take every precaution to stay healthy. Second, we have a critical job to fulfill, so just do your job with pride. Our community and nation are depending on trucking during this time of national emergency.  It’s time for our companies to shine!

If you have any questions, or need clarification feel free to contact me or Jordan Kolb.

Proud to be working with you all as we fight Coronavirus together,

Jeff Shellenberger

Jeffrey Shellenberger promoted to President

York, PA. March 5, 2020. 

The Board of Directors, along with Founder Steve Shellenberger, announced with pride the promotion of Jeffrey Shellenberger to President of the companies. Steve Shellenberger continues as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Jeffrey Shellenberger brings 25 years of knowledge and leadership experience in nearly every company department to his role as President. Jeffrey Shellenberger is President of the Shelly Truck Driving School.

In an internal memo announcing this leadership change, Steve asked employees to join him “in expressing support for Jeffrey as he steps into new and greater responsibilities for the Company’s future.”

Reed promoted to Vice President of Sales

York, PA. August 1, 2018. Jordan Kolb, Executive Vice President, announced Logan Reed’s promotion to Vice President/Sales of the Shellenberger Family of Companies. Reed began his career with the companies in 2008, working as an intern in the customer service department. “Over the years, Logan successfully shouldered increasing responsibilities, including managing our customer accounts in York, PA, Manchester, MD and St. Petersburg, FL,” said Kolb.

Kolb explained that Reed’s dedicated support of all company divisions – even when not directly related to sales – has proven him to be a valuable team member. His promotion to Vice President was an easy decision.

“We look forward to what the future holds for Logan and the sales department, and hope you will join me in congratulating Logan on his successes and wishing him the best of luck in his new position,” said Kolb.

Local Head Start group to visit in December

York, PA. November 1, 2016. Seventeen children will visit S&H Express’s Broad/State Street offices on Thursday, December 15 for a pizza party and gifts. Employees of S&H Express purchase toys, clothing, and other gifts, which are packed into book bags, backpacks and duffle bags and distributed to the children. Educational supplies and materials such as construction paper, puzzles, books, crayons, and art supplies are also collected and donated to the children’s classroom.

“The party flies by. The children eat lots of pizza and tear open their gifts. They all want to sit in a truck and blow the horn. Then, before you know it, they’re leaving,” explains Kendra Nealon, Director of Recruiting and Retention for S&H Express. Nealon and co-worker Tyrone Snellings have coordinated the event for several years and have seen an increase in the number of children served.

Early Head Start/Head Start of York County is a federal and state-funded program that promotes school readiness for children under 5 years of age who are from low-income families. The Head Start program began 1965 as part of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society Campaign and is one of the longest-running programs attempting to address the effects of systemic poverty in the US. The program offers education, nutrition, health, social, and other services. Early Head Start/Head Start of York County currently serves 650 children.

If you would like to sponsor a child, please write your name on the sign-up sheet at the Night Dispatch Desk at Broad/State Street or you may bring classroom supplies directly to Nealon or Snellings.

Kendra Nealon and Tyrone Snellings with a small portion of the clothing collected in 2015 for Head Start of York County.

S&H Express supports team #NavytoArmyRAY to find a cure for ALS

York, PA, October 11, 2016. Also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, ALS or amyotropic lateral sclerosis, is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. Someone is diagnosed with ALS every 90 minutes, and unfortunately it is a disease that has touched the Landis Express family.

The Shellenberger Family of Companies proudly supported team #NavytoArmyRAY’s participation in the Rehoboth Beach Walk to Defeat ALS, which was held on September 10, 2016. Proceeds from the Walk help fund research to find a cure for ALS. Additional information about ALS can be found at

It isn’t too late to make a gift in honor of #NavytoArmyRAY. Contributions are tax-deductible and can be made through an internet search for Rehoboth Beach Walk to Defeat ALS or by copying and pasting the following internet address into your browser:

S&H Bulk Transport relocates to Manchester, MD

York, PA. January 5, 2016.  S&H Bulk Transport, formerly Cassidy Transportation and Carroll Gross Transportation, has relocated to Manchester, Maryland from Keymar, Maryland. The companies have a long history of hauling dry-bulk cement products for the construction industry. S&H Bulk Transport employs 40 company and lease drivers who haul cement, fly ash, GranCem, NewCem, and other aggregates to job sites, plants, highway construction sites, airport runways, fracking sites, and power plants throughout a service area that includes Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC, and West Virginia. S&H Bulk Transport is a division of S&H Express, which was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in York, PA. The new location offers a larger maintenance facility, a wash bay, on-site fueling and, overall, a better location for current drivers and management. Owner-operators and drivers with experience driving pneumatic trucks are currently needed. Training is available for truck drivers who lack pneumatic experience who are otherwise a right fit.  Drivers can expect to be home every night, and currently work 5 – 6 days per week. Individuals without a CDL license who are interested in becoming professional truck drivers should contact the Shelly Truck Driving School, which was founded by S&H Express in 2014 in response to the industry’s continuing shortage of truck drivers. The School provides the increasingly competitive trucking industry with experienced, CDL A professional truck drivers by offering high-quality training for individuals who want to begin careers as truck drivers. Additional information about S&H Express, S&H Bulk Transport, and the Shelly Truck Driving School can be obtained on-line at S&H Bulk Transport, Shelly Truck Driving School, Granite Transportation, Landis Express, HF Campbell, S&H Transport, Demarche Transportation, and Shelly Rentals are divisions of S&H Express, Inc., a family business founded in 1992.

Florida Office Opens

York, PA. July 2015. S&H Express and the Shellenberger Family of Companies opened a full-service satellite office in St. Petersburg, FL. The Florida office is a single-source provider that can meet the transportation needs of any size client.

Rich Rohn, Director of Southeastern Operations and Sales, explains “the St. Petersburg office staff have more than 100 years of combined experience in hauling general freight, frozen, refrigerated, heavy haul and over-dimension loads. We are able to utilize all of the Shellenberger Family Companies when meeting the needs of clients.”

The St. Petersburg staff’s experience in the trucking and transportation industry was tested almost immediately when Hurricane Erika threatened South Florida in late August. Even though it was eventually downgraded to a tropical storm, Erika caused a run on groceries and other commodities throughout the Southeast. S&H Express’s Florida office was able to respond quickly, earning kudos from grateful clients.

Rich Rohn can be reached by calling toll free 866-610-2151. Local calls can be made to 727-350-0369.

S&H Express Supports HOPE Ministries & Community Service

Lancaster, PA. September 2015.  Members of the Recruiting and Retention staff, drivers, and family members attended HOPE Ministries 2nd Annual Dinner and Reception at the Southern Market Center in Lancaster on September 11, 2015 to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. The mission of HOPE Ministries & Community Services is to help others prosper eternally, and is dedicated to service the les privileged people of the community in Lancaster, PA. Services provided by HOPE include: information and referral for community resources, transportation and translation, drug and alcohol support groups conducted in Spanish and English, and a Youth Program. As a presenting sponsor, we had the opportunity to share S&H Express’s company history, services, and information about job opportunities. In addition to S&H Express, other speakers included Pedro A. Cortes, Pennsylvania Secretary of State, J. Richard Gray, Mayor of the City of Lancaster, and Lloyd Smucker, Pennsylvania State Senator.

Employees Support 24-Hours of Booty

York, PA. August 2015.  The team of Stop! Bootytime, which includes three employees of the Shellenberger Family of Companies and their friends, raised more than $3,042 during a 24-hour bike ride in Columbia, MD during the weekend of August 22, 2015.  In all, the event raised $203,000 to support the Ulman Cancer Fund for Adults and the LIVESTRONG Foundation. 24-Hours of Booty is a movement to fund cancer survivorship and navigation programs. Cycling events are held in Charlotte, NC, Columbia, MD, and Indianapolis, IN.

Daughter of Employee Receives Charles S. Wolf Service Above Self Award

York, PA. June 2015.  In August 2014, Lindsay Wood, a college student and the daughter of S&H Express employee Lisa Dietz, ended an unremarkable Monday evening shift at a local restaurant. Then she saved the life of a young man injured in a motorcycle accident. Lindsay doesn’t have special training. She will tell you that she did what anyone would do in the same situation. We know that isn’t the case. And, members of the Rotary Club of York know it too. On June 3, 2015, Lindsay received a standing ovation as Rotarian and S&H Express Chairman Steve Shellenberger presented her with Rotary’s Charles S. Wolf Service Above Self Award to recognize her remarkably unselfish care for others.

Lindsay Wood, Steve Shellenberger, Lisa Dietz June 3, 2015.


York, PA. April 2015. In addition to professional truck driver training, the Shelly Truck Driving School now offers testing for individuals wanting to begin or restart a career as a truck driver. With approval from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) in April 2015, the truck driving school is now an approved third-party CDL testing site. “Now we are a full-service, one-stop shop for people seeking a CDL license. Testing at Shelly Truck Driving School is convenient not only for our students, but also for anyone else in York Country and central Pennsylvania,” explains Jeffrey Shellenberger, President of the School. The Shelly Truck Driving School was founded by S&H Express in August 2014 in order to provide the trucking industry with well-trained, experienced drivers. It is the only private CDL school in Pennsylvania that is owned and operated by a leader in the trucking and transportation industry, and the only truck-driving school in the Northeast and Pennsylvania to augment its curriculum by incorporating the TransMaster Plus Driving Simulator into its driver-training program. Tuition at the Shelly Truck Driving School includes testing and job placement services. Testing is offered at a competitive rate to others who seek a CDL license. For additional information about the school or CDL testing, phone toll free 844-Shelly1 or 717-848-5015 x1106.


York, PA. March 6, 2015. The Shelly Truck Driving School, owned and operated by S&H Express and the Shellenberger Family of Companies, unveiled its TransMaster Plus Driving Simulator at an open house on March 6, 2015. The driving simulator assists in preparing students for a professional truck-driving career by improving the driver trainee’s understanding of how a tractor trailer operates. Features include three screens, an OEM gauge cluster, full-function controls, and dash. The state-of-the-art driving simulator technology provides students with consistent feedback as they learn to shift a 9- or 10-speed truck. The TransMaster Plus Driving Simulator’s patented technology offers a vehicle library, and driving scenarios including carrying weather, road, and traffic conditions, and day/night driving. The Shelly Truck Driving School instructors have more than 40 years of experience in the trucking industry. The School’s curriculum includes 160 hours of training split between classroom instruction, supervised on-the-highway driving, and practice with the TransMaster Plus Driving Simulator. Job placement services within the Shellenberger Family of Companies and throughout the transportation industry are available to all graduates.


York, PA and Reading, PA. September 2014. S&H Express, Inc. acquired Reading PA-based Landis Express on September 2, 2014 in order to broaden its reach into the Less Than Truckload (LTL) market. Landis Express was founded in 1984 to serve the LTL market by providing outbound, load-to-ride service to destinations throughout the continental United States and Canada. Logistics, distribution, supply-chain, truckload (TL), expedited shipping, and secure warehouse space at the Landis terminal in Reading, PA enable Landis to offer comprehensive transportation services to existing and prospective customers. “We significantly increased our warehousing and distribution capacity by adding Landis,” said Steve Shellenberger, Chairman of the Shellenberger Family of Companies. “It was a good fit. Landis’s core values – excellent customer care, safe and reliable trucks, and on-time every time commitment – closely align with S&H Express’s values, and the the values of our other affiliated companies.” With a 48-state operating authority, the Shellenberger Family of Companies employs more than 375. Its warehouse facilities support the transportation, logistics, storage, and distribution needs of the growing pharmaceutical, healthcare, raw materials, food/beverage, retail, produce, paper and print materials industries of the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast US. In addition to Landis Express, S&H Express, Inc., a family business founded in 1992, the Shellenberger Family of Companies includes the Shelly Truck Driving School, HF Campbell Transportation, Granite Transportation, S&H Transport, Cassidy & Carroll Gross Transportation, Demarche Transportation, and Shelly Rentals.


York, PA. March 11, 2015.  Stephen Shellenberger, Chairman, S&H Express, Inc. announced the election of Jeffrey Shellenberger to President of the Shelly Truck Driving School at the March 11, 2015 meeting of the S&H Express Board of Directors.   The School was established in 2014, and is the only private CDL truck-driving school in the State of Pennsylvania. The Board of Directors also voted to form an Executive Management Team. Members of the Executive Management Team include

  • Stephen Shellenberger, Chairman, S&H Express, Inc.
  • Eric Evans, Vice President/Director of Maintenance
  • David Ruiz, Vice President/Director of Finance and Accounting
  • Jeffrey Shellenberger, Executive Vice President, President of the Shelly Truck Driving School.


York, PA. November 7, 2014. It is with the deepest sense of sadness that I share with you the news of my dear friend Rich Antrim’s passing this past Friday evening. Rich and I spent most of the day together on Friday visiting our Landis operation in Reading. We came back to York and Rich left for his hunting camp in Wellsboro, PA. His brother, who lives in the area, found his body in the woods next to his tree stand. The feeling at this point is that he had a heart attack. Rich and I were friends and business associates for just over 40 years. Memories of our time together – through good and bad – will be with me for the rest of my days. As a matter of information, in addition to my present position as Chairman and CEO of the Shellenberger Family of Companies, I will now take on the position of President. I am fortunate and blessed to have the strength and dedication of Senior Management, as well as every employee of the Shellenberger Family of Companies. We will pull through this painful time, and as a tribute to Rich’s memory, we will continue to build an organization that would make him proud. Thank you all for your support during these times.