Supporting non-profit organizations that provide services in communities where our employees live and work is an important part of the Shellenberger Family of Companies’ corporate culture. Humanitarian work that is of interest to our employees is another important area of interest.

In order to make strategic decisions regarding donation requests, the Shellenberger Family of Companies formed a Contributions Committee that is comprised of employees from across all company divisions. The goals of the Contributions Committee are to encourage and support our employees’ individual commitment and engagement within their communities, to support the communities where our offices are located, and to recognize and strategically support the efforts of our customers and vendors.

The Contributions Committee has established the following guidelines for ORGANIZATIONS seeking support:

Charitable Contributions: gifts of cash or in-kind donations.

  1. The following areas are priorities for support:
  • Health and Wellness
  • Community Development
  • Culture and the Arts
  • Public Education
  • Humanitarian work carried out in the US and abroad

2.  The Contributions Committee accepts written or emailed requests throughout the year. In order to be considered for support, organizations must provide:

  • an IRS letter of tax-exempt status (501 (c)3),
  • a written description of the purpose of the contribution and who will benefit from the requested funding, and
  • an organizational budget (or project budget) that verifies that no more than 30% of the organization’s annual budget is allocated for overhead.

3. The following types of organizations are not eligible for funding:

  • Political organizations and candidates
  • Organizations whose primary function is lobbying or litigation
  • Organizations that discriminate based on creed, race, religion, age, or sexual orientation
  • Appointed or elected government boards

4.  Corporate contributions may be in the form of

  • Monetary gifts made directly to a 501(c)3 organization
  • In-kind contributions such as supplies or equipment that are provided to a 501(c)3 organization
  • Loaned employees, meeting space, storage space

5. How to submit a request

  • Except in extenuating circumstances, only one request for support from an organization will be considered per year.
  • Requests for contributions may be mailed to Contributions Committee c/o Hollie Walkley, S&H Express, P. O. Box 20219, York, PA 17402-0165
  • Questions may be emailed to

The Contributions Committee has established the following guidelines for EMPLOYEES:

1. Matching Gift Program: The Shellenberger Family of Companies has instituted a Matching Gift Program to support our employees’ philanthropic support of qualified nonprofit organizations and educational institutions. A maximum of $5,000 will be made available each year for matching gifts.

  • The program will match employee gifts of more than $25 made to an eligible 501(c)c organization. There is an aggregate maximum of $500 per employee, per calendar year.
  • Gifts to eligible nonprofit organizations will be matched $1 for $1.
  • Employees must submit receipts/acknowledgement letters from eligible nonprofit organizations to the Contributions Committee c/o Hollie Walkley.
  • No gifts or services may be received by the employee, the employee’s family or other individuals in exchange for the matching gift.
  • All matching gifts will be mailed directly to the nonprofit organization from the company. Checks will be mailed once/quarter.
  • Contributions made by spouses or other family members are not eligible for matching gift funding.

2. Participation Grant Program: Employees who participate in a qualified organization’s walks, runs, bicycle rides, plunges, etc. may request a $50 grant to that organization.

  • Verification of the employee’s participation must be mailed or emailed directly from the nonprofit organization to the Contributions Committee c/o Hollie Walkley.
  • Participation in golf outings, shoots, etc. is not included.
  • An employee may request a Participation grant for one qualified event per year.
  • Participation by a spouse or other family member does not qualify for funding.