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Wages & Benefits


Northeast Regional Pay Plan:

Includes Eastern PA, MD, NJ, VA, NY, DE, NC, and all the New England States

Up to $0.45 cents per mile:

On all "loaded" miles (This includes $0.03/mile Safety and Productivity Bonus). All empty miles pay $.027/mile.

Experience Pays at S&H Express:

Northeast Drivers with Experience Earn:
    6 months .................$0.42/mile (Base Pay)
    3 months .................$0.38/mile (Base Pay)
    Start ....................$0.36/mile (Base Pay)
    Rate per mile includes $0.05/mile per diem pay ($0.03/mile Safety Bonus also possible)

Short Haul Pay Scale: Up to $0.77/ mile!

In addition to the Base Mileage Pay, drivers will also be paid the following additional cents per mile rates indicated below for most short haul, loaded outbound miles:
    0-40 Miles: Base Pay plus $0.35/mile, plus $25.00
    = Up to $0.77/mile plus $25.00, with experience

    41-100 Miles: Base Pay plus $0.35/mile,
    = Up to $0.77/mile, with experience

    101-200 Miles: Base Pay plus $0.15/mile
    = Up to $0.57/mile, with experience

    ($0.03/mile Safety and Productivity Bonus may be added monthly)

Accessorial Pay:

1 to 300 cases
301 cases and up
Straight Pull Off
(Pallet Jack)
(Pick up or delivery)
2nd Stop-Off
3rd Stop-Off
4th Stop-Off
New York City / Long Island $35.00 plus load pay
Detention (After 2 hours) $13.50/HR

Over The Road Plan:

Drivers operating from all states outside the Northeast Region; IL, IN, KY, TN, SC, MS, AL, GA, FL, MI, MO

Experienced Drivers Earn:
    3 yrs.............................$0.35/mile
    2 yrs.............................$0.34/mile
    1 yr...............................$0.33/mile
    (Rate includes $0.03/mile Safety Bonus)


During Training......$50.00/day

Safety and Productivity Bonus Criteria

$0.03 per mile on all dispatched miles on a monthly basis if the following criteria are met:
  • No preventable accidents
  • No O.O.S. or other violations during DOT inspection
  • All paperwork and logs turned in on time on a weekly basis
  • No late pickups / deliveries
  • No refused work / loads (if hours are available to complete)
  • Local Regional Drivers Must drive 8,000 dispatched miles / 4 week period and / or be available for dispatch 5 ? days per week (If Needed)
  • Idle Time of 25% or less and 6 mpg
  • OTR Drivers 11,000 dispatched miles per 4 week period, (2,750 miles per week)


After 90 Days of Employment...

Employee benefit plan provider is Blue Cross. All employees will be eligible for benefits after 90 days of employment. This includes Health and Dental, any questions regarding further specifics about the plan can be addressed to the Make an Inquiry page. Otherwise all details will be explained during orientation.

Paid Holidays

After 90 Days of Employment...

Thanksgiving Day, Labor Day, New Year's Day, Christmas Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July

(Driver must work day before and day after the Holiday in order to qualify. Vacation Pay is based on the previous year's earnings times 1.50%)

401K Retirement Plan

After 90 Days of Employment...

Paid Vacation

After one (1) year of continuous employment, employee is eligible for one (1) week of Paid Vacation and one (1) Personal Day. Vacation pay is based on the previous year's earning times 1.50%. After five (5) years of continuous employment, employee is eligible for two (2) weeks of Paid Vacation. After ten (10) years of continuous employment, employee is eligible for three (3) weeks of Paid Vacation.

Driver Trainer

Drivers who qualify and are interested in becoming a Driver Trainer will be paid an extra $30.00 per day as a trainer. This is in addition to all other compensation. Trainers can also earn an additional bonus of one cent per mile for each mile the Trainee logs for up to 3 months after the Trainee has been successfully upgraded to his/her own truck.